July Artist Playlist: Calvin Maloney (PRIDE: Continued)

Every month we update a Spotify playlist that is curated by one of our members here at Chroma. This month is curated by Calvin Maloney who plays with analecta! Let’s jump right in and hear from Calvin about their playlist.

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Just a warning, some of these songs are heavy. Some are lyrically abrasive. This is not going to be the usual Chroma playlist. We're getting out there this month.

This may be a cliche, but having a LGBTQ+ related playlist just following pride month seemed appropriate to me. For the most part, I'm just going to post some pertinent lyrics from each song as a demonstration of why I find them to be important. Some will have a little bit about them. Some are sad, some are angry, some are joyous and some are defiant. And they're musically all over the place.

To paraphrase something I wrote earlier in the week: June may be over, but pride is an ongoing struggle for thousands of people. It continues tomorrow. And until all are considered and treated as equal, then the fight continues.


1. Against Me - Paralytic States

Going to start this list off strong. Lyrically, it's pretty straight forward. It meant enough to me that I covered it a few years ago at a solo acoustic show. The whole album hit me like a ton of bricks when it released, and this song stood head and shoulders above the others.

2. Ballista - Marionette

Fronted by a dynamic TWOC, this band is probably not for everybody. But as the resident heavy music lover of the group, I find her to be a breath of fresh air. Also this line is key:

"And when I found her she was stolen from me."

3. Codex Obscura - The Fetishist

A one woman slam/grind band from North Carolina. As with much of the genre, the lyrics have a dark note to them. But it's also coming from a place of real fear. The words to this song also encompass a feeling that many in the LGBTQ+ community feel.

This world doesn't want me, I won't be accepted

I can't shake this feeling everybody hates me.

4. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - You Can't Get Goose Justice In A Fox Court, Just Spit On The Judge

Keeping with the more metal theme, SYSC.

"I’m trying to kill the son
When I should kill the God"

I'm not sure what Connie meant with the lyric, but it probably means something very different to me than it does to her. I see the line and think of god in an american mainstream church sense. A judgmental hateful god who doesn't represent the same entity that I see in the Bible.

5. Keith (Mina) Caputo - Got Monsters (I No Longer Exist)

This song was hard to find on spotify, as I had only seen the video by Mina Caputo, only to discover that she'd recorded it back in the early 2000's prior to transitioning.

"I've got monsters

How 'bout you?

I was born a monster

Do you hide your monsters too?"

6. HIRS+ Collective - It's Ok To Be Sick

Just going to include the complete lyrics to this song.

"They say that when we're sick, we're weak.

That's furthest from the truth.

We're surviving.

It's ok to be sad.

It's ok to be sick.

They say that when we're sick, we're weak.

They know nothing.

Please - if you have the ability - take it day by day, take care of yourself, and ask us if you need anything."

7. Tegan&Sara - That Girl

Pretty much everybody is familiar with Tegan & Sara by now. They've been around for years. One line in this record really stood out to me when this album came out. Out of context it hits like a brick.

"When did I become that girl, that girl I see"

8. G.L.O.S.S. - Masculine Artifice

This one I'm putting in without comment. I think it rather speaks for itself.

9. Hayley Kiyoko - He'll Never Love You

If you think of your psyche as two potential partners warring over you, the chorus of this song is the real clincher.

10. Sufjan Stevens - Love Yourself

Sufjan released this song this year specifically for pride month. If anything, it's a reminder that we all need sometimes.

11. HIRS+ Collective - Hard TO Get

Coming back to the obnoxious music for a minute. Just to make sure you're awake. This song is as defiant as it gets.

"We'll outlive you just to spite your idea of a world without us."

12. City & Colour - We Found Each Other In The Dark

Sometimes community is like fumbling around blindly in the dark trying to find anyone else to hold on to so you don't lose it. But once you do, there's a safety in it. You're not the only one dealing with this (whatever it may be.)

13. Left at London - Revolution Lover

Left At London is more known for being a vine star than a musician, but she's quite a good musician and this song is catchy as anything and gets stuck in my head.

14. Troye Sivan - Dance To This

Every playlist needs a feel good song. That's what this one is.

15. Kim Petras - Shinin'

"If you're lost, don't get down, don't give up now

You should know just what you are"

16. The Greatest Showman - This Is Me

I love this song. It covers so much ground in such simple terms. It's a triumphant self realisation. Finding yourself despite the noise and outside pressures and expectations. There is a freedom in, to borrow a rather overused phrasing, "living your truth."


 Well, that's it there. I have a treasure trove of other music that I could have put in here. But had to pick the most relevant ones. Hopefully you enjoy it at least a little?



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