NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: Healing Pool, For Lost Children

When we are faced with the most difficult challenges of our lives, how do we respond?

May you begin to see new perspectives.

What do we do when we begin to feel that the arc of the universe does not, in fact, bend toward justice?

May you learn to know what it is to truly fight.

Healing Pool: For Lost Children is a small collection of meditations based around a simple but common thought: what do I do when I can no longer pray; due to frustration and anger at a God who has seemingly turned Their back on Their children, fatigue and despair over not being able to make the meaningful change we long for, a lack of understanding or empathy, or perhaps simply having prayed all that you can to no avail?

We hope that these meditations will help guide and refuel you. They were crafted with a specific instance of injustice in mind: migrant children being held in overcrowded, sickeningly unsanitary concentration camps in the United States after fleeing their home countries to seek asylum. Our minds were fixed on this specific issue when creating these meditations, and we seek to see the holding cells broken and these child prisoners liberated. We hope and pray that these meditations help drive you to action in your own community and circle to advocate for the child prisoners, the orphans, and the many other people who are being treated as subhuman by the United States government. We hope that these meditations help to reignite a fire that may have gone dim in your own heart- the fire of the passion for Justice and Equity for all people, and the fire to raise low and abolish systems and regimes that exist in our own government for the sole purpose of oppression.

We are simple artists with aching hearts. We hope that the outpouring might inspire change.

You can download these meditations for free HERE