One Year of Chroma: What Happened, What Are We Doing?

The arbitrary marking of the passage of time. One rotation of the Earth around the Sun at a time. We ascribe meaning to such things. In this case, we would like to take a moment and point out that it was 365 days ago that we announced to the world the idea behind the Chroma Artist Collective: a group of friends dedicated to making great art and fostering great community, both within ourselves and through the relationships we have with those around us. That single year brought with it a lot of things.

Collectively, we released more than 12 albums or EP's, with even more lined up for this next year. We grew our roster of artists to include not just musicians, but visual artists as well. Our artists individually played shows, hosted festivals, curated playlists, held art shows, had their art published, started new bands, and recorded new music. We even released our first compilation album featuring members from both inside and adjacent to our community!

All of those things represent the first half of our mission: make great art. The second half is harder to define: foster great community. Sometimes that happens naturally in the course of playing music or putting out our art. Sometimes it's a little more intentional, like with our compilation The Sacraments Project. Sometimes it looks like what happens here, in this very space! Our blogging team has written a lot over the past year about community and what that idea means in the DIY art scene today. So we've decided to take that idea even further and produce a little resource for you focused solely on community: the first pressing of Chroma Artist Collective Zine!


The first issue of our zine is titled The Community Issue. It features visual art, poetry, and prose from several of our members, and was created to help encourage and inspire you where you are. We know that sometimes it can be very overwhelming being an independent artist- especially when you feel distant or disconnected from community. We want to send out an encouragement for you. That's what this is about. It's an experiment. A test. But we hope you like it. You can pick it up by just covering the postage HERE.

We have so many more things in store for the next year. We feel like we've just gotten our feet wet. Thank you all for joining with us on our journey over the past year, and for the encouraging words you've sent us. Thank you for sharing our art with your friends. We couldn't exist without that. We hope that we continue to bring you value with what we do. Keep an eye out. Like I said before, the marking of the passage of time is arbitrary, and so we have no plans to slow down any time soon.

See you on the next one,