June Artist Playlist: Patrick Quigley (Outlaw Country Companion)

Every month we update a Spotify playlist that is curated by one of our members here at Chroma. This month is curated by Patrick Quigley who plays with analecta and is a regular contributor to our blog.

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Several weeks ago I wrote a blog for the Chroma page all about the crossover and similarities between DIY punk culture and (outlaw) country music and identifying outlaw country influences in some of my favorite bands.  As a companion to that blog post, I’ve put together this playlist that includes some artists that I mention in that blog, but also quite a bit of expansion. I’m guessing that the country-end of this playlist is outside of the usual listening zone for a lot of you.  I hope you join me for a temporary detour and enjoy the grit and passion that mirrors and influences what we love in so many of our favorite DIY punk/indie/etc artists.

Abe Partridge - I Wish I was a Punk Rocker

This song provides a fun perspective that looks into our punk world from the country side of the window. Abe came through our small coffeeshop venue in South Bend bringing undeniable charm, incredible talent, and DIY ethic.  He also paints on old vinyl records and it’s great.

Wood Chickens - Hex on Me

The most country punk band I’ve ever seen. Or maybe the most punk country band I’ve ever seen. They carry an on-stage persona that flexes the perception of reality bringing big boots, big hats, belt buckles, and thrash punk. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Hop Along - Tibetan Pop Stars

I have always heard a little bit of twang in the distinct vocal lines in the Hop Along records. This song is probably the first one that really hooked me and showcases all the things I love about the band.  I love this band that sits really nicely in modern punk-influenced indie but pulls sounds from so many different inspirations.

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Fuck Up

I came across this band while sifting through upcoming shows at the local venues.  I was very surprised to discover a touring country band coming through; they don’t visit our parts often.  I listened to a few tracks and became very excited about the show, which is actually this evening! Undeniably brash and raw.

Nikki Lane - Highway Queen

Sarah Shook got her start on a tour with Nikki Lane, an artist that I discovered in the Noisey documentary noted in the blog post.  Nikki reflects on the outlaw artists of the past and identifies herself as NOT pop country, but left-of-center outlaw country. I’m always a sucker for songs about travel. The chorus just begs me to get in the van and drive somewhere.

Margo  Price - Hurtin’ (on the Bottle)

Another artists from the Noisey doc who reflects on time with the old outlaw classics on the more commercially successful end of the spectrum. This is the sound that makes me think about the county fair in my growing up years.  There’s a certain sense of holding close to tradition of the genre that daws Margo separate from pop country.

Nathan Evans Fox - Great Sky

Nathan Evans Fox is a smaller touring artist from NC singing smooth songs about travel, recommended to me by Abe Partridge.  The musicality of this track hits me so hard. Listen for the organ to break heavy lines about religious past and it’s implications. There’s a subtlety to the layers that mix in such a beautiful way that I don’t often attribute to the genre.

Adam Faucett - King Snake

Taking one more step in the mellow direction. I find Adam Faucett to be haunting and timeless in it’s feel.  The track breaks open with big vocals, fuzzed out guitars, and a straight forward drum line that carries me all the way through.  Another smaller touring artist carrying the torch with incredible songwriting talent.

Early James and the Latest - Blow for Blow

Classic sound with slapback vocals and all from Alabama. The duo cites Hank Williams as an influence and sticks by it. This showcases a significant blues influence that we haven’t mentioned up until this point and that bassline just carries me along so nice.

John R. Miller - Red Eyes

Spitting the truth from the mountains of WV:

"I’m drinkin’ motor oil, cursin’ at the settin’ sun,

Hopin’ I find better soil before my day of work is done."

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazaraus, Dig

The grit in the voice of John R. Miller makes me think of Nick Cave.  Nick Cave is one of those classic artists that tickles a lot of people’s fancies but in the strangest way. I originally discovered them through the Murder Ballads album, mostly attracted by the novelty of it.  I fell in love with the title track of Dig, Lazaraus, Dig upon ‘digging’ further into the catalog.

Ryan Kerr - I Got a Son

From right here in Indiana, Ryan has his feet sunk deep in the mud of the local music scene. I met Ryan several years ago when he was running a local venue of his own and have fallen in love with his music through the years.  He’s one of those artists I appreciate unplugged more than plugged in because of his incredible ability to hold the attention of the room at a whisper and a roar.

Encore tracks:

Country Lips - Black Water

Brent Cobb - Diggin’ Holes

Lydia Loveless - Really Wanna See You

Shooter Jennings - Outlaw You


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