Flood City Fest - May 17&18 - Johnstown, PA

In 2018 I started watching WWE wrestling as a way to spend some quality time with our temporary roommate. In 2019 I returned to playing chess so I had something I could  talk to my dad about that he legitimately cared about. Experiences like these have helped me grasp the idea that the relationships facilitated through hobbies, games, shows, and other leisure activities can be so valuable and more important than primary entertainment value.

I has the opportunity to attend and play Flood City Fest for the first time in 2018, and as the fourth year of the fest approaches in 2019 I reflect back on my experience and talks with the organizers.  From the outset, focus is placed on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to folks from diverse backgrounds and life situations. This atmosphere is so important because of the value placed on community within the fest experience by both the organizers, artists, and attendees. The artists that play stay all weekend instead of just the day they perform and are encouraged to be open about ideas of inclusivity and addressing social issues that are common in the music community like depression and anxiety.  There are lots of festivals to attend this spring and summer where the focus is on entertainment. It’s a rare treat to find a gathering where the music is so well curated and the overall feel of the fest so thoughtfully orchestrated. I want to give a big shout-out to all our Chroma friends who are involved and spend so much time organizing this event and others like it.

Come play a game of chess with me there, here’s the deets:

May 17&18 - Crucified Church in Johnstown, PA

40+ bands from all over the country