March Artist Playlist: Jay Costlow (A Look to the Bright Side)

Every month we update a Spotify playlist that is curated by one of our members here at Chroma. This month is curated by Jay Costlow! Jay is the Chroma social media manager (see if you can tell by her picks and hype), founder and sometimes-namesake of Flood City Fest, and vocalist for Kevin Schlereth! We love her.

We update the playlist every month, so make sure to follow to stay up on the latest version! Here we go:


Loving Kindness- Sun Baron

This warm song reminds me that there is a gentle comfort to be had in the small things.
The ending chorus of the song offers acknowledgement of sorrow and hope to keep your chin up.

This whole album is wonderful so take a listen through!

Justin Rose has a few other projects which are all great. Families being one of them!  

Lessons Learned- Sam Arias

“I’ve learned through these storms”

There is an immense feeling of joy when we are given love and patience through our mistakes. And then, of course, we can gain wisdom rather than condemn ourselves because of the grace being offered.

Let Your Love Be Strong- Switchfoot

I listened to this as a teenager in times when everything felt unbearably weighty. I would sing it as loud as I could in my basement hoping to remind myself that I’m going to make it through whatever chaos I may come in contact with. And I still find myself singing this to capture a sense of strength.

deathbed- My Epic

My Epic has been a favorite band of mine for years now. I highly recommend listening to everything they’ve created.

This song has lead me to rejoicing over the mental hurdles I’ve battled in life.

“The darkness has no substance” For me, it’s inspiring hope and belief that smiling, laughing and light is real, no matter how gloomy things seem.  

The River- Manchester Orchestra

First of all, this whole album is incredible.
This song presses into the need for grace, acknowledgement of our arrogance and asking to be made clean over and over. It’s easy to drift off into places that hurt our hearts, yet I’ve never drifted far enough that I couldn’t be brought back to solid ground.

Gather- Khamsin

“‘Gather’ details an outsider’s perspective on your shortcomings. Instead of meeting failure with understanding or grace, a lot of times we see incorrect behavior as a sign of self-righteousness or ignorance. Then, headway cannot be made when one side claims absolution to be correct and the self-righteousness is then internalized. As a result, a friendship or relationship falters due to that lack of communication and patience.” Jacob Curry of Khamsin

A good reminder to pay closer attention to how we interact with people in our lives. Hopefully by seeing where we fall short, we can strive for reconciliation.

As The Light Bends and Shifts- Analecta

The words to this tho. Yeesh. It takes you through a whimsical experience with words said soothingly alongside beautiful instrumental work.

A favorite line for me: “Dance with the abandon of childhood and freedom.”

Rejoice- Qajaq

One of my favorites off of their latest.
Rejoice displays the contrast and sympathy between our hardships and majesty of the Creator.

We can experience being understood in trials while also only scraping the surface of relating to the loss and sacrifice only God has known.  

Qajaq released their album A Canopy Above Our Endless Sky in 2018 and plans to unleash more to the music world this year so keep an ear out!

Somewhere in Kentucky- Park

An encouraging jam which extends a hand of grace and truth that it’s not too late to change your mind. It has reminded me in difficult situations that I’m not stuck. There’s time to change and room to grow.

Holding Onto You- WInd Words

I’ve had the privilege of touring with Mikey and getting to see how much his art reflects the care he spreads to the people he meets. Experiencing the same feeling whether listening to him play to a room full of people or talking to him one on one, I’ve felt loved.

This song sheds compassion in the midst of apathy and defeat.
You don’t have to hold it together, you are being held.

Empty House- Idle Threat

A post hardcore band that I became familiar with when attending a festival which they put together called Threat Fest (you should go next time!).

The boys in this band are kind and caring about their community and the connections they make through music.
This single, Empty House, has prompted me to have peace with the tension and longing for a Home that can’t be be shaken or destroyed. As they have quoted C.S. Lewis before, “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”

Holy- Kevin Schlereth

I am a bit biased since this is the band I’ve devoted my time to the past few years so I do think this album is a real banger.

Besides Tongues, Holy has been my favorite to sing.
When I pay full attention to the lyrics written for this, it pushes me to get outside of my head and reflect upon the strength and hand God has over my life rather than my shortcomings.

Keepers- The Anchor Collective

Do yourself a favor (after listening to this playlist), go listen to everything by this band.

Keepers starts out with strong female vocals followed by the rest of the band singing “We’re each other’s keepers’.

A great ode to friendship and looking out for one another.

Song of the Sun- Timbre

My band mate, Kevin Schlereth and Fallon Braddy from Everyday introduced me to Timbre’s music towards the beginning of my delving into the music community.

She is a harpist who manages to compose music that even punk and hardcore kids find themselves melting to.

I got to see Timbre and her band perform this song at the Wilson Abbey and couldn’t help but be filled with joy. It helped me see some of the fears I had for the future and replaced them with excitement.


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