New Playlist Announcement: CHROMA SLEEP TAPES!

Hello everyone! Today I’m happy to share with you something I (Dave) have been working on for a few weeks: the Chroma Sleep Tapes playlist! Now, some of you may not know this, but I play some very slow, boring, guitar music in my free time. And I really love it! Now, I’ve hand picked some of my favorite ambient and drone tunes from my friends and contemporaries to share with you to help you study, focus, meditate, relax, and yes, sleep.

I’m very particular about the kinds of music I listen to when I need to zone out, and even more selective when it comes to the stuff I have on repeat while I slumber. So never fear! This list, which I will be curating every few weeks, just like all our other playlists, is fundamentally designed for maximum ambience.

I hope you like it, and I hope you check out the artists I’ve featured on the playlist. They are friends and heroes of mine, and I think they’re all offering some really amazing contributions to a genre that not many people take time to explore.

Make sure to follow the playlist so you never miss an update, or a chance to tune out the world and head to your happy place.