February Artist Playlist: Justin Rose serves up some Tender Punk!

Every month we update a Spotify playlist that is curated by one of our members here at Chroma. This month is curated by Justin Rose of Families, and Sun Baron, among others. Make sure to follow the play list to stay up on the latest version! Let’s get in to it:


I had a lot of different ideas for a February playlist:  love songs, break up songs, love songs about something that’s not a human being, or winter songs.  I also thought about just making a top ten Daughters songs playlist (spoiler:  there would be no songs from Hell Songs on there).  But, alas, I could not pull myself away from the poppy, female led, indie punk affectionately known as “tender punk” which has been most of what I have been listening to for the last couple months.  If you haven’t heard of tender punk, that’s ok because it’s not really a thing.  But the name encapsulates the playlist I’ve put together for February; which is simply female led punk-adjacent tunes.

Illuminati Hotties – Shape of my Hands [Explicit]

                Poppy, punky, and catchy.  Their album “Kiss Yr Frenemies” is worth your time.


Girl in Red – girls

                A coming of age story about a lesbian teenager.  So honest and lo-fi.


Ohmme – icon

                This duo should be better known.  Phenomenal harmonies and hella catchy.  This is where the term “punk-adjacent” comes in.  Punk is a mindset, not a style of music.  Fight me.


Snail Mail – Heat Wave

                “Lush” is one of my favorite albums of 2018.  We need more honest, angsty, talented ladies in the scene.  Snail Mail came full-force and killed it with this super catchy album.


Soccer Mommy – Your Dog [Explicit]

                Don’t watch the music video.  But this song rules. 


Now, Now – SGL

                I absolutely LOVED the 2012 Now, Now album “Threads”.  After a six year wait we finally got “Saved”.  It’s quite different, but when the harmonies kick in it makes me remember slow, summer nights.

Hop Along – The Fox in Motion

                “Bark Your Head Off, Dog” is a phenomenal album which should have been on more top ten lists.  Although it lacks some of the punchiness in the vocals, the songs are masterful and the vocals are incredible (no surprise).  This song reminds me of older albums.


Mitski – two slow dancers

                The best Mitski song.  Don’t challenge me.


Palm – shadow expert

                We have reached the “math rock” section of our playlist.  I am a Chicagoan and so I have to show love to math rock.  Once again, punk is a mindset and this band rules.  (This band also is a bit of a stretch because a majority of the album is sung by a guy – but you should all just go listen to all of their albums).


Tricot – on the boom

                I know, Tricot two months in a row?  YES!  Chicago is known for math-emo hybrid stuff and so I can’t help but love the math-JPop hybrid of Tricot. 


Benny the Jet Rodriguez - Run

                We have all seen this band a hundred times in a basement somewhere in a small town.  Maybe punk isn’t a mindset, but is a type of music?  Nah.  It’s nice that people are still doing lo-fi stuff in this digital age.


Phoebe Bridgers – The Gold

                Totally not punk-adjacent at all, but that’s why it’s at the end.  I did not love the Phoebe Bridgers album or the Boy Genius album as much as most, but I absolutely cannot get enough of this Manchester Orchestra cover.  This song has been listened to a lot in the Rose household this winter.