New Playlist Announcement: CHROMA AND FRIENDS PLAYLIST!

Hey everyone! Today we’re excited to announce something we’ve been talking about with each other quite a bit: a brand new, curated PLAYLIST highlighting both Chroma artists as well as the people we play alongside in our everyday lives with whom we want to share some of the love!

So, what is this new playlist? Easy! It will serve two purposes:
1) A place to highlight our new releases, and introduce you to artists on our roster with whom you may not be familiar.

2) We also want to shine a light on the people we spend time with at shows, festivals, and in our every day life who make great music and who might also not be on your radar! In all, this should be a place for you to come, browse, and find new things you like. See? Easy.

We also want to share one more thing to accompany this playlist, and that is a way for you to submit your songs to be featured on the playlist! There are so many people in our scene, and it is POSSIBLE that we could miss some amazing things! So now you can just send them to us directly via THIS PAGE on our website! It seriously could not be easier.

So tune in, follow the PLAYLIST, tell your friends, submit your tunes, and keep it locked to hear some really great, new (or new to you) tracks we think you will love!