New Release: /in·habit/ Soundtrack by sailbear

Today is a really exciting day for me as a blogger and an artist. I have just released my latest soundtrack for the world to hear, it’s titled /in·habit/.  

_in habit_ (1).png

/in·habit/ is a modern dance concert series that was performed in South Bend, IN in December of 2018 that featured New Industry Dance Company in collaboration with sailbear (audio) and Givens (light/sculpture).  The series traveled through different South Bend spaces in 4 nights of performances, each space offering a different experience for the artists and audience. /in·habit/ explores the tangible and intangible pieces that arise from the experience of being a body in time and space. Developed from the initial question "what do we have", /in·habit/ has become an interwoven series of vignettes questioning the innate aspects of humanness. As we investigate physical and non-physical burdens and search for the things that make us human, we inhabit our bodies as a testimony to living

New Industry is an independent dance company based in South Bend, IN which exists un-tethered from the academic world; one embodiment of the DIY portion of this art form in the midwest.  The members of New Industry hustle hard to make the art happen in the midst of chaotic normal life; long rehearsals after work, on the weekends, and often not in ‘proper’ dance spaces. They prefer to utilize warehouses and dormant factories.  Focus on human relationship, social issues, and pulling back the curtain on a pristine art form.

The live-recorded soundtrack is available on the sailbear bandcamp page.  Feel free to listen in whatever way you’d like to, there’s no wrong way to approach this collection of recordings.  Perhaps you’d like to listen to one track at a time or digest the whole piece in one sitting. You can listen while playing your favorite relaxing video game, or scrolling visual art galleries, or even while intentionally drifting in and out of sleep.  You’ll find the tracks are spacey, simple, repetitive, and emotional.

sailbear has several collaborative projects in process and coming soon.  In February Fischer Dance will be performing a pair of pieces known as Water/Skin 1 and 2 at the World Dance Alliance assembly in El Paso, TX.  I’m currently producing studio tracks for that performance. I am also exploring the wild world of ‘found sound’ and creating instruments from junk as part of the research for a new show coming up this spring with New Industry.