Artist Spotlight - Sun Baron

Justin Rose is a sweet and clever man from Chicago who is overflowing with songs to be written and shared and sung. Sun Baron is Justin’s new way to share the songs with all of us. This new project takes us on a path as Justin’s emo roots weave through 7 tracks, taking time to mingle with his folk and indie style that shows up in Families (another of Justin’s projects) through gentle vocal melodies and beautifully controlled finger-picking.

We’re celebrating and enjoying the first Sun Baron release, titled How To Be, which came out on 7/19/18. Justin explains, “It deals with the topic of learning to slow down and experience/enjoy life. I am a very pragmatic Midwesterner and so I know how to work hard all the time. This album is about just being with people and learning to be present.”

How To Be also features a lineup of talented contributing musicians from other projects around the city including Caleb Allan (Jazz Robots, Junia) on bass, Sam Arias (Sam Arias) on piano and David Mantel (Naal) on electric. Proudly recorded by Mantel.

The album greets you with tasty drums that sit right in the pocket, subtle drones, beautiful guitar lines carried with gentle reverb, and meaningful vocal lines that float with no fear of repeating well constructed lyrics. The songs leave room to breath and don’t rush the listener.  I hope you enjoy them.

“Give your soul some rest, Just learn to sit still “