"Catechism" by Kevin Schlereth, Releasing 7/3/2018

            Click the artwork to pre-save the new album on  Spotify !

            Click the artwork to pre-save the new album on Spotify!

Update: Clearly, Catechism has been released! All links to Spotify should allow you to listen to and save the album right now.

It's truly an honor to highlight the 5th release of Kevin's 7 year career as a solo artist, and no less is the honor of marking this the first collected work of music released in partnership with the Chroma Artist Collective.

Catechism, the 6-track EP written by the duo comprised of Kevin Schlereth and Jay Costlow, is slated to release tomorrow (though it's been available to Kevin's Patrons for some time now). As a project, they tackle issues of conceit and interpersonal pain by way of friendship and psalms that are desperate for change. This manifests through honest lyricism and a dynamic live show that often breaks the barriers between artist and audience.

It's not too late to pre-save the EP on Spotify, but there's hope if you're itching to catch a glimpse of the album right this moment! Head over to Apple Music to stream the track "Tables", a fan-favorite throughout this most recent year of shows the permatour pair performed (okay, no more alliteration). Once you've memorized all the words, catch the Schlereths and Jay camping out at Audiofeed Music Festival as they debut Catechism's physical release!