NAAL 0-0-0 Album Announcement

I’m excited to share news about a new album release from founding Chroma Collective member, Dave Mantel.  Mantel will be releasing a new NAAL record titled 0-0-0 on November 9th, 2018.  NAAL is known for his work taking the form of slow, ambient soundscapes in stand-alone full length albums like A703 (released in 2017) and in collaboration with other artists like filmmaker William Prince III for the film Claire McKenna.

In the time that has passed between the release of A703 and the beginning of creation of 0-0-0, Mantel has struggled with depression like so many people that we all know.  In the midst of mind-numbing depression, he thought he would never again pick up a guitar to create another NAAL album. He notes:

I had never been suicidal. Until all of a sudden I was. I’m one of the lucky ones who has stepped to the ledge and been helped back on to solid ground. Not everyone can say that. Not everyone makes it back to the ground.

Replacing unhealthy coping methods with intentionally non-destructive ones led Mantel to sit down and write music once again.  In a writing binge that lasted 3 days, a majority of 0-0-0 had been written, though this time not on guitar like much of his previous work, but at a keyboard.

0-0-0 is a record that was born out of facing the reality of depression and the overwhelming mounting hardship that causes us to feel alone and hopeless.  Through the process of creating the record, a quote from author John Green offered a steady mantra: “Your now is not your forever.” This refreshing thought is met with the subtle changes in writing style and instrumentation that are fleshed out in 0-0-0.  This new record is recognizably a departure and growth from A703 but yet familiar and certainly a cohesive piece to the greater body of work.  

You can preorder the new record now and please don’t miss out on the cassette and limited edition shirt. Hop over to the NAAL page here on the Collective for further info about NAAL and his other releases and projects.