Introducing Bloodline Festival

I remember arriving at my first Cornerstone Music Festival like the back of my hand. It was 2001 and the excitement of seeing MxPx at such a big festival caused me to vibrate in my seat as I made the 6 hour trek to rural Illinois after work.

We pulled in, the campgrounds seemed like utter chaos. In the dark, our car headlights scanned from campsite to campsite with no clues of the location of our pre-cell phone friends that we were supposed to meet up with, our experienced guides for the week.  Just as our despair felt insurmountable, we turned a corner and laid our eyes on the little red car that we had been searching for and our first real festival experience began.

Through the next few years, my experience at Cornerstone drew me deeper into the community that I had lightly brushed at local punk shows.  Festivals like Cornerstone became a very important place for me, each year I realized how increasingly important the family and community aspects of festivals like this were in addition to the art and music.

After Cornerstone there was Audiofeed. Alongside that came Take Hold Fest and Flood City Fest.  Many of us in Chroma Collective are now involved with a new festival which will be held in just a few weeks in South Bend, IN.  We’re hoping to see many familiar faces from these festivals above.

Bloodline Fest is a 2 day festival in South Bend, IN on November 9th and 10th featuring bands who are active in the DIY community, mostly focusing on the Midwest.  We’ll be hosting 3 stages, with artists on a wide spectrum of sounds. I suggest you check out some of the names on the lineup. You’ll find hardcore, ska, singer/songwriters, poets, etc.

The Well, 2410 Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN 46615

We’ll be asking for a $10 suggested donation to help the bands with their travels.

Hit us up, we may be able to help you with a carpool or a place to stay while in town.

See you at the show!